Solo23 - Weekly Recap: Week 35

Arden finds himself in a different kind of civilization that he was accustomed to until now.

  • 📖 His travel brought him to an immense space station, crudely built. Differing forms and shapes of modules have been cobbled together to make one big metallic construct floating in space. The station was well armed as Arden noticed. As soon as he entered the range several turrets aimed at him, ready to fire.
  • 📖 "You are approaching Kepler Station. Stand by for scan."
    Although the scans were invisible and immaterial, Arden always though he could feel a slight tingling. But maybe it was just his superstition. It would be unwise for him to react in any way as he could quite clearly see the big guns trained on him.
    "You're clear. Docking Bay 17."
  • 📖 As Arden exited the airlock, he was greeted by two armed men.
    "What is your business in the sector?", he was asked gruffly by one of the men.
    "I'm just here to make some small repairs to my ship and I will then be off searching for some lost cargo." Arden kept his intentions vague but with enough truth to not raise suspicions.
  • 📖 The guardman mustered Arden closely and with the same commanding voice he said: "Very well. We'll keep an eye on you. And best beware out there, this sector is teeming with pirates." Then they took their leave and left Arden alone in the hallway. But he knew he was still watched.
  • 📖 Arden was accustomed of being watched by now. But this time it felt different. The little that he saw from the station was unlike he experienced before. There seemed to be an order and structure. He felt, that he was the one that brought insecurity into the community and they had to protect themselves from him and not the other way around.
  • 📖 All things considered Arden did not want to prolong his stay and started to work on the engine. It should not be hard to disconnect the device from it, it almost looked rushed and messy itself.
    🎲 Secure an Advantage (+wits): 5(2+3) vs 9/3 (Weak Hit); +2 momentum
  • 📖 With his unwanted shadow now hopefully gone, Arden set out to explore space once again. Hoping to not constantly look over his shoulder if he was safe. It was a good idea however at first to scatter his path to get rid of his tail once and for all.
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