Solo23 - Weekly Recap: Week 32

The fight continues, but Arden will soon face off more than he can chew.

  • 📖 Almost like a dance, both ships circled each other. The Cerelis Nine might have been weaker in a fire fight, but its lightness gave Arden the advantage of outmaneuvering the pirates' ship. A slight feint into one direction, secured the opporunity to get behind it.
    🎲 React under Fire (+shadow): 9(6+2+1) vs 1/4 (Strong Hit)
  • 📖 Arden had to act fast. At any moments notice, the opponents ship could turn around and flank him. It had to be quick and precise. One well aimed shot should disable the engine enough for Arden to escape and wait to jump again.
    He pulled the trigger.
    🎲 Strike (+edge): 5(3+2) vs 6/6 (Miss with a Match)
  • 📖 The pirate anticipated the shot and swerved at the last second out of the shot. The blast travelled far into the empty void of space. As the pirate turned fully around and readied his weapons, a rift opened up close and another ship entered the stage.
    🎲 Story Complication: Old enemy resurfaces (39)
  • 📖 Two more light ship exited the drift. Immediately they turned into Arden's direction, their guns swiveling not far behind. He was getting hailed again.
    "Arden Quinn, the Coalition sends their regards."
    The message was accompanied by shots fired into his direction.
  • 📖 The new arrival changed things for Arden. Were before he could play a game of hide and seek and wait out his opponent, it had changed to a pure game of survival. Trying to get the upper hand against his foes would be out of question. He felt the rumble as some of the blasts hit the outer hull. It was now or never. Outrun them and live another day.
    🎲 Take Decisive Action: 6 vs 7/1 (Weak Hit => Miss)
  • 📖 Everything happened in quick succession. In a desperate last attempt, Arden fired up the engine, knowing it was not fully charged up and ready yet. It took some convincing of the system to let him actually do that. At the same time, an energy blast hit an engine. What followed was for all unexpected.
    🎲 Story Complication: Technology or device is shown to have unexpected effects (55)
  • 📖 The drift opened in a dazzingly bright white color and swallowed The Cerelis Nine, the pirate and his assailants in one. Arden's ship tumbled through subspace, all the while the systems complained in a blaring cacophony of alarms.
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