Solo23 - Weekly Recap: Week 31

The pirate is on Arden's tail. A firefight will surely ensue, but who will survive?

  • 📖 They fired a warning shot first, long enough time for Arden to act. It would take some more minutes until the engine was fully operational again, so he at most had to stall the ship. So he used the time to bring more distance between him and the enemy ship, hoping that it would help him maneuver more easy.
    🎲 Enter the Fray (+edge): 6(4+2) vs 1/7 (Weak Hit; In Control)
  • 📖 The next shot wasn't a warning anymore. Lucky for Arden, his new position proved as secure as he hoped, as the energy blast missed the Cerelis Nine with a wide margin. But he couldn't stay here and wait, the pirate ship was gaining on him and closing in. Arden had to react if he wanted to stay safe.
    🎲 Gain Ground (+edge): 7(5+2) vs 7/1 (Weak Hit; Mark Progress)
  • 📖 Two more shots narrowly grazed the Cerelis Nine, a bit too close for Arden's comfort. It followed far quicker than he anticipated. The Cerelis had some weapons, but they were far inferior than the pirates' ship. Still, he hoped they would at least provide some distraction.
    🎲 Strike (+edge): 4(2+2) vs 1/6 (Weak Hit)
  • 📖 His hope scattered the same way the blast of his weapon did on the hull of the pirate's ship. That thing was made for fighting, his ship was not. Arden's cursing turned Pandoras fur a deep-red shade. His advantage had gone and now he was a sitting duck.
    🎲 React under Fire (+edge): 5(3+2) vs 8/5 (Miss)
  • 📖 The next shot shook the Cerelis. Loose objects clanged to the floor. Pandora lept from her position next to Arden to a safer position. Arden looked hastily at the monitors and sighed with relief. Nothing major was hit, but the next shots might.
    🎲 Withstand Damage: 10(6+4) vs 5/10 (Weak Hit, -1 momentum)
  • 📖 Sure enough more shots were finding their way in the direction of his ship. They were mostly targeted on his engines in order to immobilize him. Arden had a hard time dodging them all. He had to change his tactics. Flying away would give the pirate a better target, so he turned around and faced his opponent.
    🎲 React under Fire (+wits): 5(2+3) vs 2/6 (Weak Hit)
  • 📖 His maneuver had the effect he intended. More shots were hitting his ship, but instead of the fragile engine, most of them hit his front, not without damage, but better than loosing his way of escape. They were now in a situation of chicken and the pirate swerved first to avoid a collision. Arden's chance to get behind the ship.
    🎲 Secure an Advantage (+edge): 3(1+2) vs 9/1 (Weak Hit; +1 to move)
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