Solo23 - Weekly Recap: Week 08

Arden finally finds some engine parts and prepares to leave. But in good Ironsworn fashion, fate has a different idea.

  • 📖 After several minutes floating next to the ship, Arden would find another breach in the hull. This was considerably larger then the other one though and not as clean. The outer hull was not damaged by removed panel, but rather irregular. Upon closer inspection he could see that the hole was probably done by some sort of action. Might be the reason the ship no longer works.
    He entered the breach and into what looked like an engine room. Or rather parts of it. If he's lucky he might find some spare and salvageable parts amongst the debris.
    🎲 Explore a Waypoint: 9(5+3+1) vs 6/5 (Strong Hit), Gain Progress
  • 📖 It seems the metal hull was more precious to the salvagers than the actual engine. Large portions of the engines have been destroyed or heavily damaged though, which reduced the appeal. The hole in the hull definetely came from a weapon, which kind Arden didn't know - and frankly didn't care.
    He was able to gather the neccessary couplings, resistors and cables he needed for the repairs. And then some more. Thanks to the quasi weightlessness of space it was easy for him to bring it back to his ship. The faster he could get away from there the better.
    Arden spend the next few hours outside and inside his ship, repairing as best as he could. Some of the equipment he salvaged was definitely older than his technology, which made him wonder how long that ship was there.
    🎲 Finish Expedition (Search the derelict ship): 8 vs 8/8 (Miss with a match)
  • 📖 The parts turned out to be completely incompatible with his engine. No matter how hard he tried it just wouldn't work. Arden began to swear loudly, so much so that Pandoras fur turned into a dark red and she hissed.
    He was presented with two options: Either go back and find some other parts that might be more suitable or to use the sublight engines to maybe find another place. Both options didn't sound to appealing to him.
    🎲 Oracle (50/50) - Stay? 43 (Yes)
    🎲 Return to Expedition (4/9): clear 4 progress, raise to Formidable
  • 📖 If he was going back he needed to prepare himself. The energy rifle packed a punch, that should hopefully keep the beast away. He donned his other space suit, inlaid with strong iron fibers that gave it a tougher outer shell.
    To be sure he also grabbed a long knife and magnet-locked it to his right leg. Once more he stepped outside and approached the derelict.
  • 📖 He returned to the breach near the engines. Maybe he was just unlucky and got broken parts. Maybe if he were to find some sort of storage area he might find more intact material.
    He carefully pushed the bulkhead door from the engine room open and stepped into another long corridor. One finger on the trigger, he followed the hallway with his rifled gun.
  • 📖 The progress was slower than before. Every few steps Arden turned around scanned the environment carefully, then turned back and continued on his journey. Knowing what may lurk in the shadow didn't help either to ease his unease. He had to force his legs to move forward, them wanting to turn around and leave. But where to?
    As he reached another door he looked around once again, then opened the door to a small gap. Then he pushed through.
    🎲 Undertake an Expedition (+wits): 7(4+3) vs 10/5 (Weak Hit)
    🎲 Oracle (Derelict Zone): 18 (Engineering)
    🎲 Oracle (Derelict Zone: Engineering): 14 (Engine Room or power core)
  • 📖 Arden didn't get very far. The door was only able to open halfway. Ruble, broken beams and other obstacles prevented him from pushing further. Concussive force from the blast that ripped the hole into the ship must have collapsed the ceiling in this engine room.
    Arden scanned the room nevertheless. Faint energy readings behind the rubble gave him hope that there might be salvageable material. If he could find another way.

Uff. The first match in the "campaign" and it has to be on a Progress Check. Getting stranded in space is very substantial, potentially taking months away from his mission. This could very well be also the end for Arden. Not getting away, left alone in space. I gave myself a bit of an out. The ship (and maybe every ship) has two engines: The FTL drive that can use the drifts and a normal sublight engine that is used for maneuvering around planets and orbits. That is why I put it up to an oracle if he gets kind of a second chance by spending a lot of time to reach somewhat of a civilization.

But it appears not. Back into the lion's den. Before anyone asks though: Arden's suits have magnetic boots, so he can walk normally once he is inside the ship.

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