Solo23 - Weekly Recap: Week 07

Arden Quinn is further investigating the derelict ship this week. But does he find what he needs or something else?

  • 📖 The hallway led Arden to a large dining hall. Long metal tables with metal benches where bolted directly onto the floor, blending in with the rest of the room. Functional. Sterile. But efficient in feeding a large crew that this ship probably needed.
    "Nothing to find here, I suppose.", Arden thought. He continued on his journey.
    🎲 Undertake an Expedition (+wits): 6(3+3) vs 8/5 (Weak Hit)
    🎲 Oracle (Derelict Zone): 39 (Living)
    🎲 Oracle (Derelict Zone: Living): Sleeping Pods
  • 📖 The next corridor sent him to an oblong room. On each side of an aisle were multiple sleeping pods connected to the wall. As he panned his light around he could see the corpses. Partially decayed as the emptiness of space preserved their last act.
    Some were ripped apart from the waist down. Others looked liked they tried to defend themselves against an attacker. Amidst these older corpses lied newer ones. Their decomposition not as advanced. And then some that wore similar suits than he was.
    Arden was lucky that he couldn't smell. The stench would have knocked him unconscious. He took a careful look around. He didn't want to end up the same.
    🎲 Explore a Waypoint: 7(3+3+1) vs 7/10 (Miss)
  • 📖 Two strips of blood led further into the room. His light not fully illuminating the whole room, Arden just saw how the remains of a lower body got pulled with a sudden move into the darkness. He backed away from the room and then expeditiously tried to find that engine room.
    It followed.
    🎲 Undertake an Expedition (+speed): 8(6+2) vs 9/8 (Miss)
  • 📖 He didn't make it far. Two piercing pale blue eyes stared at Arden. They were affixed to a beast he newer saw before. Bone white teeth speckled with dark crimson. It was almost as big as a bear but resembled more a large wolf. The light of his helmet vanished into the matt black fur, so it became impossible for Arden to gauge its complete form. How it survived the emptiness of space was the least of his concerns right now.
  • 📖 A direct confrontation with the beast was not in the best interest for Arden. He needed a better plan. Or a plan altogether. He could use the size against it. Lure it somewhere were he could escape and the beast not. Once more he backed away, keeping the beast in sight at all time and tried to quickly find a way out.
    🎲Face Danger (+speed): 5(3+2) vs 5/1 (Weak Hit)
  • 📖 Arden used some of his emergency propulsion system of the suit to gain some speed and distance over the beast. It didn't have an urgency. It paced slowly through the narrow corridors as Arden sped ahead.
    He reached a small gap in the hull that led outside. Just small enough for him, he hoped. Panels from the outter and inner hull had been stripped in a haphazard manner, but it was enough for Arden to squeeze through.
    The beast caught up with him as he passed through the breach. He felt something ripping and as he exited to space he saw that the first layer of the space suit on his left leg had been shredded by some sort of sharp object.
    🎲 -1 supply (+3)
  • 📖 Arden checked the rest of his equipment. He got off lucky, but it cost him half of his tank of fuel and oxygen and the suit needs some stitches once he's finished here. He mustered the outside closely to find another gap to get back inside. Preferrably without an angry wolf at the other side.
    🎲 Undertake an Expedition (+wits): 8(5+3) vs 1/7 (Strong Hit)
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