Solo23 - Weekly Recap: Week 06

This week Arden faces his first Exploration. And Ironsworn does what Ironsworn does best. Complicating things.

  • 📖 The drive and Arden needed a break. As straining as it is for the ship to push through the chaos of subspace, it is as draining on the pilot to find a safe path. For this time, the trip passed without an issue.
    Pandora hopped onto Arden's lap in the pilots' chair. "Sorry for having kept you on board. Didn't seem safe enough though." She purred. While he was waiting for the engines to recharge, he flipped some switches and started to scan his surroundings.
    🎲 Oracle (Unlikely) - Is there something of significance: 57 (No)
  • 📖 The scan returned nothing. Arden was alone in the vast empty space. He breathed in deeply and savored these moments. Far away from the civilization just him and the universe. In these moments he thought back when he was a kid and the world simpler.
    The beep from the computer, informing Arden that the drive was ready, brought him back from his dreams. With a sigh he engaged it. Pandoras fur changed color.
    🎲 Undertake an Expedition (+wits): 5(2+3) vs 6/4 (Weak Hit)
  • 📖 Still daydreaming, Arden almost missed his drift to exit. Klaxon informed him of engine troubles. He stayed to long in subspace and the engine payed for it. According to the diagnostics a power coupling burned out.
    He managed to repair it temporarily, but it needed better repair. For now it should hold.
    The happy memories pushed back deep into his mind.
    🎲 -1 integrity, -1 supply
    🎲 Oracle (50/50) - Is there something of significance: 52 (No)
  • 📖 Luckily he was alone. Having a limited maneuverability with a broken engine wasn't good. He would be a sitting duck for anyone. Arden finished the repairs and returned back to the cockpit.
    This setback cost him time and he didn't know how much of it he had left. So he had to catch up.
    🎲 Undertake an Expedition (+edge): 7(5+2) vs 8/9 (Miss)
  • 📖 "Critical Engine Failure. Aborting Drift Travel!", the computer declared.
    The ship shook violently as it entered normal space. With a loud bang the engine broke. Arden quickly tried to control the damage, lest more of the ship was impacted. The adrenaline in his body distracted him from the pain in his left arm, that was bruised from the sudden exit.
    "At least sublight engines are still intact. Let's hope there's something around that can help me repair the engine.", Arden muttered. He was flung far of his course.
    🎲 Oracle (Space Sighting): 50 (Derelict)
  • 📖 The ship was almost invisible against the darkness of space. Compared to the Cerelis it was gigantic, like a mouse standing next to an elefant. It resembled a big skyscraper with engines at the bottom.
    It must have been an older derelict. Just visually Arden could see that it was stripped from the outside. Big parts of the outer hull were missing. Probably sold off for a good margin. He hoped that at least parts of the engine would still be intact and untouched.
    He steered his own vessel next to an old airlock, or what was left of it and donned his spacesuit. Latest readings suggested no activity on the ship. Just emptiness and darkness. Arden sighed, then stepped through the airlock onto the ship.
    🎲 Undertake an Expedition (Dangerous) - Search the derelict ship for engine parts
  • 📖 The inner airlock was stuck halfway open. A metal rod was jammed between the two door halves. It seems that somebody tried to enter the ship before, not surprising given the state of the ship from the outside. Arden could slip through the thight gap and found himself in a large hallway. His helmet light gave little comfort. After a few meters it just stopped and the darkness took hold.
    Not really knowing where exactly he had to go, Arden examined the surrounding for signs or marking where he might find the engine room. He then choose one of the three corridors and carefully ventured deeper into the derelict.
    🎲 Undertake an Expedition (+wits): 8(5+3) vs 6/4 (Strong Hit)
    🎲 Oracle (Derelict Zone): 4 (Community)
    🎲 Oracle (Derelct Zone: Community): 74 (Restaurant or dining)
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