Solo23 - Weekly Recap: Week 48

Negotiations are underway to resolve the rising threat.

  • 📖 In pain Arden let go of the creature, that promptly searched a hiding hole on his ship. Some of the crew couldn't hide a grin, but the grim look of their Captain washed it quickly away. They began searching for it, together with Arden.
  • 📖 The ship wasn't big, so it wasn't hard to get its hiding place. Getting it out would be a far more difficult endeavour. The last time he had some of the plant to lure it. This time all that he had, was his charm. Which wasn't great.
    🎲 Compel (+heart): 5(4+1) vs 1/2 (Strong Hit)
  • 📖 Apparently it was enough, or he underestimated himself. Be it as it may, the more crucial part of his plan needed some more of his charm. With a boost in confidence and the creature under his arm he radioed the station again.
  • 📖 "Cerelis Nine to Station. Requesting one passenger to board."
    "Is the biological threat eradicated?"
    "It is contained."
    "Can you provide proof?"
    And this is were Arden had to take a leap of faith.
    🎲 Compel (+heart): 6(5+1) vs 5/8 (Weak Hit)
  • 📖 "I have an indigenous creature of the same planet that acts as a detector."
    Arden could hear the muffled laughter on the other end.
  • 📖 "There's a quarantine section on our station." , they responded. "Whatever you need can be brought there - for a price of course. But if we detect so much as one foreign particle leaving the containment, we will vent the atmosphere immediately. Regardless of who might be still in it."
  • 📖 Luckily Arden didn't need much. Altough the few things he did, costed quite enough, with probably extra taxes on top of it, just because they could ask any price. Relunctanly he paid. A price to get his ship hopefully clean.
    🎲 -1 supply
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