Solo23 - Weekly Recap: Week 49

Arden tries to create a remedy for the plant infestation.

  • 📖 The airlock directly led directly into a small laboratory. Most of the instruments and tables were covered in plastic sheets, unused in a long time. Air pressure was a bit higher than in his ship. Around the airlock he could see multiple additional smaller locks, capable of venting the whole room within seconds no doubt.
  • 📖 Arden wasn't much of an expert in these things. He knew some bits and pieces from his journeys. If you are alone you have to pick up things. He ripped the sheets from the tables, took inventory and then got to work.
  • 📖 The few things he remembered, was that it probably was some sort of protein that initiated the rapid decay of the plant matter. It is always proteins, he thought. He looked at the creature questioningly. It tilted its head puzzled. Arden sighed.
    🎲 Gather Information: 8(5+3) vs 1/1 (Strong Hit with a Match)
  • 📖 It all clicked together. Cocks in a machine. A machine Arden didn't even knew he had in him. As much puzzled as he was relieved he stared at the screen of the protein he just isolated from an unknown creature.
  • 📖 Arden knew better then to question the sheer luck he had. Best to let these things happen as they were, otherwise doubts creeps in and he might worsen the situation. Although the lab was not often used it had still quite current hardware in it, so it was of no trouble to synthesize the protein in mass.
  • 📖 Equipped with his, admitetly expensive considering the price he had to pay to create it, herbicide, he returned to the Cerelis. He dissolved the protein into a water solution to make it an aerosol and let it run through the internal ventilation.
  • 📖 A few hours later, Arden walked onto the station proper. The crew of the Sareea's Tribute got off his ship and he had it for himself and Pandora again. He gave the creature to the crew as a parting gift, much to the joy of his glowcat.
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