Solo23 - Weekly Recap: Week 47

The threat is not yet over, as Arden and the rescued crew find a new place.

  • 📖 They didn't notice at first in all the turmoil. The little creature began snarl at one of the crew members. Arden had a hunch and a quick scan confirmed it.
    🎲 Oracle (Peril): Infestation is revealed (33)
  • 📖 During the escape, one of the plants grabbed a crewmember and cut into his suit. Not deep enough to destroy it seal, but enough to deposit spores in its fabric. And with the ventilation in his ship, they might already be all around them.
  • 📖 The fact that they have been contaminated made it almost impossible now to dock with the station. So they floated next to it, explaining their plight over radio and began to think.
  • 📖 He knew that the creature he brought with him can somehow detect the plant and, besides eating it, has a means of harming it. Its excretion could be maybe used to isolate a molecule to destroy the plantmatter. But for that he needed better equipment than he had available in his ship.
  • 📖 The second part was to convince the station, that if this creature is happy, then it means that there is no danger from spores getting into the station. Arden pondered for a second if he would even believe himself.
  • 📖 "Okay little buddy. I need you to trust me for a second." Arden grabbed the creature and tried to milk its glands similar to snakes for their venom. It was a bit more difficult as the creature was considerably bigger and less manageable.
    🎲 Gather Information: 7(4+3) vs 2/7 (Weak Hit)
  • 📖 Needles to say, the creature didn't like that. The bite wasn't hard, but the secretion burned slightly as it touched Ardens' skin.
    🎲 Suffer Harm
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