Solo23 - Weekly Recap: Week 46

Arden has to take an opportunity with unknown consequences.

  • 📖 Vines lashed out at Arden, who kept them at bay with his knife, trying to keep them away from him and the creature. All the while, it spat more of the green goo onto the door jumping up and down, seemingly happy. At least one of us is, thought Arden.
  • 📖 "I think you should make yourself ready." Arden opened the channel again with the captain. "I've managed to free the door, but you have to leg it out."
    "We start depressurizing the chamber. I hope you know what you are doing. We can't reverse it."
  • 📖 The door was almost cleared from the obstruction. Arden in the meantime had to fight against the encroaching plantlife, that had become more aggressive. From the initial enthusiams of the little creature, little was left, he could sense that it got tired. It was now or never.
    🎲 Face Danger (+iron): 2(1+1) vs 3/2 (Burn Momentum; Strong Hit)
  • 📖 The next few minutes happened in a blur. With the consent of the remaining crew, Arden bashed in the door. He didn't had to use much force, it wouldn't have taken the plant much more time to force its way inside by itself. Voraciously it began to lunge towards its prey, so they all began to run.
  • 📖 They all had to defend itself. Twines used as whipped wrapped around their limps. Those who tumbled had to be helped quickly or they would have been overwhelmed by the plant. It didn't want its meal going away. It were the longest two minutes Arden experienced, until they finally reached the airlock.
  • 📖 Pandora didn't like the new arrivals very much, especially not the creature that still followed Arden obediently. The Cerelis didn't offer much space and they would just fit, but it felt safe.
  • 📖 "Thanks for getting us out of there." Juro Sato took a quick glance at the controls. She took note of the current coordinates mentally and then returned her attention to Arden. "There's a small station in the vicinity." He nodded.
    🎲 Set a Course: 9(4+5) vs 5/9 (Weak Hit)
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