Solo23 - Weekly Recap: Week 38

A distress call sets Arden on a new path.

  • 📖 The past few encounters taught Arden a valuable lesson. He needed to be better prepared if he is to face the dangers that may come. He needed to see things before they happen, circumnavigate them. The little time he spent in Greenridge, he gathered material and systems to upgrade his sensors.
    🎲 Advance (Module): Sensor Array
  • 📖 It was time to make use of the NavDex, he spent so much effort in acquiring, to good use. It would hopefully lead him far away from the troubles he endured, but probably putting him into new.
    🎲 Set A course: 5(1+4) vs 4/7 (Weak Hit)
  • 📖 Arden's goal lay behind the Outer Rim. Far beyond. Before he dared ventured there he needed to resupply and recuperate. Travel through passages was safe and there were stations and places closeby were he could regain strength.
    🎲 Reset all stats
  • 📖 "Mayday Mayday Mayday. Starship Sareea's Tribute requesting help."
    The message was broadcasted in an endless loop. Attached to the signals were coordinates. The ship in question was not far from Arden's route. If he received the broadcast, others might as well, which might turn into a problem.
  • 📖 But nobody came. The message incessantly continued. His engines took longer than usual to charge, or so Arden thought. And the longer he studied the signal he believed it was directly targeted at him. It felt like a trap. But was it a trap, if he knew it was one? He guided the Cerelis closer to the ship.
  • 📖 The docking clamps enganged with a loud clang, or at least it would have been loud, were it not silenced by space. From the outside it looked like any ordinary freighter-class starship. But Arden knew from his scans that most of the ship was dark, except for a few rooms where all the energy had been rerouted.
  • 📖 Arden stepped through the airlock, a hissing sound signalling that the repressurization had been completed. As suspected, the inside was dark, not even emergency lighting was enabled, the only light coming from Arden's helmet. The walls, roof and floor had been overgrown by strange vines.
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