Solo23 - Weekly Recap: Week 28

Arden and Cole successfully escaped Deadrock. But their destination is not less dangerous.

  • 📖 "I did not expect it to be this messy, but thank god I'm out of there." Cole's demeanor lightened as they made it to orbit.
    "Don't thank me yet. We may be off the planet, but I doubt we have seen the last of Deadrock." Arden was busy engaging the engine to get them out.
    "By your blood, the Vow has been fullfilled. So let me keep my end of the bargain."
    🎲 Fullfill Vow (Get Cole Out of Jail): 6 vs 3/2 (Strong Hit)
  • 📖 Cole asked Arden to get access to the navigational computer, to which he recutantly agreed. The coordinates Cole entered weren't familiar to Arden, so he asked himself what he got himself into again.
    "I've safeguarded the NavDex in another sector in case I got caught. Let's hope its still were I left it."
    "Let's hope we can even make it there."
  • 📖 To Arden's surprise the ship travelled beyond the boundaries he had before. Still he wasn't sure if the Arbitrator was still watching his every step regardless. The route took them along passages, safe passageways within the drifts that needed little to no input. This gave them both time to change clothes and get some sleep.
    🎲 Set A Course: 7(3+4) vs 2/9 (Weak Hit)
  • 📖 Arden dreamt of nothing. Just himself and the void. How he wanted it to be. The engine hummed quietly as they drifted along the passage, providing a familiar and homey feeling for Arden. The alarms ripped him out of the fantasy, back to reality.
  • 📖 Bright lights illuminated the interior of the Cerelis Nine. They originated from a fiery spectacle outside and shone its light through the cockpit windows. Energy dancing irregularly like fire in orange to white colors.
    "Where are we?" Arden looked at the navigation computer. Cole joined and gasped in disbelief on what he saw.
    🎲 Story Complication: Key location is threatened (26)
  • 📖 "We are at our destination, according to the coordinates." Cole pointed to the navigation computer. "But the energy storm is definitely new. There should be an abandoned outpost here."
    Arden took a look at the sensors. The storm wreaked havoc on them and it was hard to get any reading from them.
    "Are you sure?"
    Cole checked the data once more and then nodded.
  • 📖 Arden sighed. His reward was probably so close, but it was hard to grasp. He redirected some energy to the outer hull to ionize it. It was a poor shielding but should hold off most of the energy bursts.
    "Hold on. Once inside, we are blind."
    🎲 Face Danger: 9(6+3) vs 7/8 (Strong Hit)
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