Solo23 - Weekly Recap: Week 20

Arden finally infiltrates the appartement. Will he find what he is looking for?

  • πŸ“– They continued to keep watch, only catching sidewards glances from the guard in their direction. He seems to be aware of them, but as long as they kept their distance, he didn't act.
    Two more men joined the guard outside, starting a conversation with him, before knocking at the door. A woman responded. Dressed in jeans and leather jacket, greying shoulder-long hair. Two scars ran along her left cheek. She greeted the men, before leaving with two of them.
    It was their turn to move.
  • πŸ“– Arden squeezed himself once more into the small side alley. Karthik kept watch in front of the appartement, to alert him should the guard be alerted. He put his feet against the wall, his back pressed firmly against the other. With small deliberate steps Arden shinnied about two meters up, to reach the grated opening. He grabbed the multitool on his belt and began unscrewing the grate, all while warm air blasted his face.
    🎲 Face Danger (Scene Challenge/+wits): 8(5+3) vs 3/4 (Strong Hit)
  • πŸ“– Warm air pushed into Ardens lungs. It didn't hurt him, but it made breathing harder. The faster he could exit these vents the better. Slowly he crawled forward, trying not to make any loud sound, even though he didn't knew if somebody could hear him anyway.
    After two minutes of crawling he reached another grate, this time below him and pointing into a room. Carefully he unscrewed it as well and risked a glance through the open hole to assess the situation.
    🎲 Secure an Advantage (Scene Challenge/+wits): 8(5+3) vs 1/2 (Strong Hit); +1 to move
  • πŸ“– Arden descended into the empty room. Not being blasted by warm air he immediately felt a relieve about the sudden change in temperature. He took a deep breath. It looked like he landed into an office chamber, similarly decorated as the Arbitrators room. The table was empty except for a lamp. The door was closed. He pressed his ear against it and listened.
    Nothing. Just silence.
  • πŸ“– For the time being, Arden was alone.
    "I'm in.", Arden whispered into his Com-Link.
    "Roger. All quiet so far. A bit boring to be honest." Karthik answered.
    Arden liked boring at the moment. He turned his back to the door and mustered the room. There were several shelves full of books and knick-knacks. A painting behind the desk caught his eyes in particular.
    🎲 Face Danger (Scene Challenge/+wits): 9(5+3+1) vs 8/8 (Strong Hit with a match)
  • πŸ“– As expected the safe was behind the painting. Almost clichΓ©. Almost too easy. The only obstacle now was the combination. But if as Karthik could read minds, Arden heard a single number over the Com-Link.
    To Arden's surprise the safe did open. There was the datapad inside. Arden quickly swapped it and closed the safe again. The click of the bolt inside signaled it was locked.
    Almost too easy.
  • πŸ“– All that he had left to do was getting out of the room again. His entry was about in the middle of the room. Where it was easy to get down from there, getting back up, turned out to be a bigger challenge. His best bet, was to use one of the chairs as a platform. Surely this would draw some attention why a chair stands in the middle of the room. But at that moment, he thought it was his only option.
    🎲 Finish Scene: 9 vs 1/10 (Weak Hit)
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