Solo23 - Weekly Recap: Week 19

Arden has to figure out on how to enter Santos' appartement and there might be something secret complicating Ardens' plans.

  • 📖 Arden took the pad from the Arbitrators grasp, together with a crude map of where he could find the appartement. Having nothing more to add to the conversation, Arden stood up and looked at Karthik.
    "I'll join you later. I have something else to discuss with him." The Arbitrator nodded in Karthiks direction.
    With an uneasy feeling Arden left the appartement and made his way to Santos'. It was closeby, about a thirty minute walk. As he observed when he first got into this part of time, there was not a lot of movement and activity here. He got even more glances of the few people he crossed.
  • 📖 Arden found a small sidealley where he had a good view to the residence. He yawned. His sleep was abruptly interrupted this morning, but with the adrenaline now subsiding, he only just now felt it. He envied Pandora, which he had left sleeping, in this moment.
    There was a single guard just stationed outside the door to the building. He could not see any other obvious entry, like windows. Just a plain metallic container. The guard sometimes paced a few steps, before he resumed his position and just stood around.
    🎲 Secure an Advantage (+wits): 5(2+3) vs 5/1 (Weak Hit); +2 Momentum
  • 📖 "Anything interesting to see?" Karthik joined Arden on his watchpost, handing him a wrapped sandwich. Having skipped breakfast, Arden happily unwrapped it and took a big bite.
    "Only the obstruction our mutual friend talked about." Arden gave a slight nod to the guard positioned outside the appartement.
    "Let's hope it stays with a singular one." Karthik replied. "I can probably distract him long enough for you to sneak around inside."
    The suggestion came quick. Who knows what he discussed with the Arbitrator in his absence. Arden didn't like that one bit.
  • 📖 "Let me have another look around. Wait here." Arden told Karthik. He didn't expect to find anything if he was honest. He just needed to get away to formulate a plan. The building was set into the glacier like most of the houses here, only separated by the main road and little sidealleys, few in number. He hoped to see at least something like a side entrance or window they could use. But then why bother having a guard outside, unless they were more inside?
  • 🎲 Is there an entrance from a side street (Oracle 50/50): 23 (Yes)
    📖 Hidden behind some crates, Arden could spot a small side street. He looked around. It wasn't far from the appartement building, the guard still standing in front of the entrance. He didn't seem to have noticed Arden, getting some cover from the crates.
    Arden made his way through the piled boxes. The alley wasn't wide, he had to squeeze himself sideways to enter it. He let his eyes wander and could find a small grating slightly above his head. It was set inside a square hole in the wall and with a light breeze coming out of it.
  • 📖 It was big enough to fit through, although not comfortably, and the grating didn't look all to sturdy. With proper tool and force they would certainly break away. Arden regained a little bit of hope that this whole endeavor wasn't dead in the water from the beginning.
    He returned to Karthik and informed him of the new plan. But if they were to succeed, he needed to gather some more supplies. Proper tools and a way to communicate.
    "Sure. I'll continue watching this guy. It's quiet here. I like it." Karthik replied.
  • 📖 Arden returned back to his ship. There was a lone singular guard, that kept him under close observation as he searched his belongings. They definitely didn't want him to leave before this thing was done. While he was at it, he also fetched Pandora and let her roam the ship. "Watch the watchman." Pandora purred to seemingly acknowledge his words.
    It turned to late afternoon as he returned from his errand run. Not that time mattered much. As Deadrock was built underground and inside a massive glacier, it was always lit the same way, hard to determine exact time.
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