Solo23 - Weekly Recap: Week 13

Arden just barely made it out from Trithia Six before he got hit by the blast wave. So what will happen next?

  • 📖 'Oxygen Level Critical!'
    The message flashed in bright red in his helmets' HUD, accompanied with an annoying beeping sound. It brought Arden back to consciousness. He was floating halfway between Trithia Six and his own ship in empty space, cradling the crate in an almost fetal position.
    'Oxygen Level Critical!'
    The flashing and beeping seemingly synced up with the throbbing of his head an arm.
  • 📖 He made it only just to the airlock of the Cerelis Nine. Once inside Arden quickly removed the helmet and breathed in the air of his ship. Home.
    He doffed his suit. The left arm was covered in a large bruise, where the beast crushed its teeth into it. A fresh wave of pain stunned him momentarily. Frantically he searched the cabinets for some pain killers.
  • 📖 With the pain numbed, Arden got to work. These new parts were considerably easier to work with. Even though they weren't on the same technological level, he still was more or less able to make them fit. If the engine now worked was another story.
    🎲 Finish an Expedition: 8 vs 3/5 (Strong Hit)
    🎲 Legacy (Discoveries): 1 box + 1 tick (Explorer)
  • 📖 Arden uttered a sigh of relief as he sat down in the cockpit. Pandora joined him, curled into a ball on his lap and began to purr. She sensed the suppressed pain and in a way her purring was soothing for Arden.
    "Let's leave this place, shall we?" Arden stroked Pandora behind her ears. The systems all lit up with green lights. He engaged the engine.
    🎲 Undertake an Expedition (+wits): 7(4+3) vs 4/3
  • 📖 Arden must have dozed off as the Cerelis Nine rode the drift to the next exit. The empty void was always soothing for him. And it was a welcomed change after the stress he just escaped. He woke up to the void and blackness greeted him. The engine was already ready and Arden just had to confirm the next jump.
    Half awake he drifted back to his slumber.
    🎲 Undertake an Expedition (+edge): 5(3+2) vs 5/4; -2 Momentum
  • 📖 His sleep was interrupted appruptly as the ship entered the atmosphere of Urayir b. Wild storms encompassed the ship and shook it violently in its track. Arden had a hard time to keep it afloat. The planet was covered in an endless ocean. To get lost here would mean nobody would find him again. He steered the ship to the known last landmass, on which his destination lied: Port Vega.
    🎲 Finish an Expedition: 8 vs 1/8 (Weak Hit)
    🎲 Legacy (Discoveries): 1 tick (Troublesome) + 1 tick (Explorer)
  • 📖 The last remnants of landmass stuck out from the endless dark blue of the ocean. Waves were colliding with the cliffs surrounding a single building. It was built more practical than pretty. Rectangular in shape, flat roof and painted in a dull grey color.
    Arden announced himself over the radio. No response.
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