Solo23 - Weekly Recap: Week 12

Arden faces an unknown beast in a ship that is going to explode. The stakes are high. Can he make it out in time?

  • 📖 It pounced forward. Luckily for Arden, the path was filled with chairs, computer equipment and debris. It did slow it down somewhat, but not by much. Just enough for Arden to get out of the way for now.
    He only needed to get to the other door. Arden quickly circled around the room with the beast breathing down his neck. One wrong move and it would catch him.
    Just a few more steps and he would reach the door.
    🎲 Face Danger (+edge): 5(3+2) vs 1/2 (Strong Hit)
  • 📖 He could hear the beast thrashing in the room behind him, as he slipped into the corridor. Arden moved as quickly as he could, his rifle in his one hand and the reins of his harness in the other. He needed to check its contents in a quite minute after he brought something between him and the beast.
    He continued down the corridor to the next room, hoping that its door would still be intact and provide some sort of barrier.
    🎲 Face Danger (+edge): 3(1+2) vs 5/5 (Miss with a match)
    🎲 Oracle (Derelict Zone): 54 (Living)
    🎲 Oracle (Derelict Zone - Living): 44 (Observation Lounge)
  • 📖 Arden reached the observation deck. An oblong room without much decoration or furniture - if it would have any. One side showing space, only scaffolding hinting that in the past a large window or screen showed a similar view to the guests.
    He disengaged the magnetic locks on his boots and pushed himself from the ground in order to exit the ship through the opening. A sudden tug on the harness leash brought him back to the ground. He hit it hard. And with a swift movement the beast was on top of him, baring its teeth.
  • 📖 The weight alone crushed Arden in his suit. The extranous padding and rigid metal plates woven into it, fighting against the mass of the beast. At the same time Arden had to push away the beasts jaw away from him.
    The grip was odd. He was feeling a resistance as he grabbed it, but at the same time it felt as if he was trying to catch air. With one hand he tried to push the mouth away, while his other hand sought the rifle's trigger that was lodged between him and the beast.
    🎲 Face Danger (+shadow): 5(3+2) vs 4/4 (Strong Hit with a match)
  • 📖 The energy pulse discharged from the rifles' barrel. Winding its way through the underbelly out the left flank, the immense energy tearing a large hole in the path. In a last throe of pain the beast crushed the arm that caused the pain between its teeth. The suit held, but Arden could feel it.
    He threw the body aside, dark shadows and smoke beginning to reseal the wound. It was probably not wise to wait to check if the beast was really dead. Arden took the opportunity to once again grab the harness and push from the ground.
    The arm throbbed in pain.
    🎲 -1 health
  • 📖 Arden exited the derelict ship via the large open gap, that was once part of the observation lounge. He could swear, that in the corner of his eye he could see the beast stirring below him, growling about its missed meal.
    He activated the suits' thruster to give him a little boost in the direction of his own ship, the crate of parts attached to him gently floating behind. He still had to circle around the massive ship once to get to his ship on the other side. He had to make it in time, before the generator overloaded.
    To play it safe he gave himself another boost.
    🎲 Face Danger (+speed): 4(2+2) vs 8/9 (Miss)
  • 📖 There was little warning as the generator exploded. A pale blue light illuminated the dark empty space. In a reflex Arden pulled the crate as close as possible to him. He didn't want the content scattered by what followed.
    The shock wave threw Arden into space.
    🎲 Finish Scene (Escape Trithia Six): 8 vs 3/9 (Weak Hit)
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