Solo23 - Weekly Recap: Week 10

With a map of the ship in hand, Arden ventures deeper into the Trithia Six to find a way to repair his ship.

  • 📖 Another flight of stairs brought Arden back to the floor below. Checking his downloaded map, the door in front should bring him to the engine room he sought. A narrow corridor extended to his left into darkness, to his right was a wall.
    He entered the engine room by the only door. It was slightly jammed and Arden had to put his weight, if at all possible in space, against it to dislodge it. It swung open.
  • 📖 The room was lit slightly by the pulsing light of a still intact fusion generator at the far back of the room. Cables and pipes connected it to a large engine next to it. A footbridge extended from the engine room to the generator and engine and beyond.
    Arden was not interested in that. He would not be able to take it with him. A wonder that the generator was still working after all these years. Maybe it was just some leftover radiation. He was more interested in the shelves and crates in the room. Although strewn all over the floor due to the collapsed ceiling, Arden went ahead and searched for parts.
    🎲 Explore a Waypoint: 4(1+3) vs 4/10 (Miss)
  • 📖 As he collected more parts to potentially fix his ship, a sudden shock almost swept him from his feet. Debris dislodged from the ceiling and nearly hit him on the way down. Arden lept to the side and bumped into some machinery.
    Small blinking lights began to appear on it and quickly turned from green to red. The pulsing of the fusion generator got more erratic. Arden assumed, that his time on the ship should come to a close.
  • 📖 Energy was building up in the fusion generator. The systems in his suit reminded Arden constantly. Annoyed he gathered as much as he could and put it into a open crate. "That should suffice", he thought. He scanned the parts one last time to make sure this time they would be useful.
    They were, but the blinking of the other sensors vehemently signaled him to finally leave this place. Now!
    🎲 Scene Challenge (Escape the "Thrithia Six"): Six Segments Clock
  • 📖 Arden knew his way out. It was just a matter of getting there in time, together with all the parts he gathered. It was weightless sure, but he still had to fight against the inertia of the crate. He regretted a bit wearing his heavy suit that made this task even more difficult. He spent some of his little time by creating a harness so he could pull the crate behind him, slightly hovering above ground.
    🎲 Secure an Advantage (+wits): 7(4+3) vs 5/3 (Strong Hit)
  • 📖 It took him less time than he thought. He lopped a found rope through the handle of the crate and across his shoulders. He gave the crate a little lift to be level with his upper body, so that the mass was almost in equilibrium with his center of mass. He then gave it a little tug and it set into motion, slowly floating along. Arden put his rifle on his other shoulder and exited the room through the door.
    🎲 Face Danger (+wits): 5(1+3+1) vs 5/5 => Burn Momentum (6), Strong Hit with a Match
  • 📖 Another jolt rocked the ship. Arden almost lost his footing but caught himself, the rope harness going taut. The climb up the stairs was already exhaustive enough, unstable ground didn't make it any easier. He reached the communications room again. The shocks had knocked over some of the computer equipment, but Arden could walk around it, if he was careful enough.
    🎲 Face Danger (+wits): 7(4+3) vs 9/2 (Weak Hit)

I should've known that I jinxed it. But it is an opportune time to introduce a scene challenge. Although it is not really all within one scene but it's close enough. And it is the first time I had to burn momentum too. But it shouldn't hold for long.

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