Solo23 - Weekly Recap: Week 52

A fight ensues and Arden is trying to save the people.

  • 📖 Arden entered a small room, labelled as "Atmospheric Control". Surprisingly it wasn't well guarded, the few guards just smilled at him as he walked past them. The effect was stronger here, he could feel it.
  • 📖 Inside the room a man stood besides the main ventilation unit. Arden couldn't clearly see what he was doing, but a stack of burlap sacks lay next to him, some of them empty showing a bit of white residue.
    If he could sneak next to the man, he might stop him.
    🎲 Enter the Fray (+shadow): 8(6+2) vs 4/7 (Strong Hit)
  • 📖 The machines in the room made enough noise, so Arden hadn't a hard time sneaking up on his unaware foe. With a quick motion Arden took the last steps and tried to put the man into a headlock with the momentum.
    🎲 Strike (+iron): Strong Hit 4(3+1) vs 1/3 (Strong Hit)
  • 📖 His right arm swung around the unaware and put him into a chokehold.
    "What are you doing?" Arden asked and slowely tightened the hold to reinforce his upper hand.
    🎲 Gain Ground (+iron): 3(2+1) vs 1/8 (Weak Hit, Progress)
  • 📖 The man flailed his arms, trying to catch Arden unaware and get out of the headlock. But Arden had a tight grip.
    "The tradition..." the man's voice cracked under the pressure of Arden's arms. "... they must remember the tradition."
    Arden shook his head. The man was clearly dellusional and must be stopped.
    🎲 Gain Ground (+iron): 6(5+1) vs 5/7 (Weak Hit, Progress)
  • 📖 More unintelligible murmurs came out of the mans mouth. They had something to do, in one way or another, about the tradition. Or at least that is what Arden thought they were. His tight embrace cut off more and more air so that the man began to loose consciousness. But in doing so he still resisted, in the hopes to break free.
    🎲 Take Decisive Action: 8 vs 6/9 (Weak Hit)
  • 📖 The man's extremities went limp as he lost consciousness. Gently Arden let him slide to the floor, grabbed some nearby rope and tied him up. He sat down next to him, out of breath from the struggle. Letting go and the cheeriness in.
  • 📖 As he indulged into the joyous feeling induced by whatever the man poured into the ventilation, Arden thought about what he encountered in the past few months. All the ups and downs and the new people he had met.
    He had his own traditions to follow: finding a way to the core. Once more he inhaled, and then decided it can wait one more day. One more day and he would be off to new adventures.
    🐦 The End?
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