Solo23 - Weekly Recap: Week 51

A strange joy afflicts the people of the station and Arden investigates.

  • 📖 Arden's first order of business was to seek medical attention. It was nothing serious but he wanted it checked up before he ventured forth. The medical bay was not unlike the room he did his experiments in and there were other patients here as well. Cheerful as the others outside, despite some having open wounds that needed immediate medical attention.
  • 📖 Arden sat next to a man, whose head was bound up with bandages. A faint streak of blood was visible on the outermost layers. Nevertheless, the man smiled and faced Arden.
    "Doesn't it hurt?", Arden pointed at the bandages.
    "Oh yes, it does."
    "But why are you smiling then?"
    "It's tradition."
  • 📖 There was definitely something up. Arden almost hoped for something like this. All this cheeriness wasn't normal. He wasn't given any break. Or maybe he always sought out these problems.
  • 📖 Whatever it was, it must be local to the station and takes time to possibly infect a person, Arden concluded. He spent some time in the station but in a separate section, so it might be transfered within the air.
    🎲 Gather Information: 4(1+3) vs 6/9 (Burn Momentum; Weak Hit)
  • 📖 Arden's need for medical attention was put on hold until he found the cause of this. Not that it mattered much, looking at the amount of other people seeking help, his turn would've been very late anyway. He felt sudden joy creeping into his mind. It started to affect him.
  • 📖 Arden's conclusion was, as he suspected, that it was airborne. As this was a closed station, there must be somewhere where the atmosphere was generated. A good start in his oppinion.
  • 📖 In a hurry Arden passed through the hallways of the station. Every few meters, there was a simple map of the station, letting people orient themselves and find their way. It allowed Arden to find his destination. But he could feel that he started to loose control over his mind and wanting to give in, into the festivities.
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