Solo23 - Weekly Recap: Week 44

The captain finishes her story and Arden has to take a decision.

  • 📖 Arden finished listening to the information of the captain. The position was complicated and dire. But he had a different angle. He could work from the outside in. So he started to formulate a plan.
  • 📖 He didn't know how yet, but Arden started to think how he could safe them. Somehow maybe the creature in the cargo bay could be of help. If it too adapted to low atmosphere conditions...
  • 📖 "How many of you are left?" Arden finally dared to ask.
    "5, including myself."
    "It will not be a pleasant flight, but I can manage to get you aboard my ship. I'll try to find a way to remove the plants in front of this exit. Standby."
  • 📖 On his way back to the cargo hold, there was more movement from the otherwise almost catatonic plants. As if they felt that something is going to happen. Arden felt more observed than ever. And by plants no less.
  • 📖 It was now a matter of finding the creature in the big cargo area. He got a simple description on what to look out for. And to make matters worse, his breathable oxygen was starting to run low. So Arden had to hurry.
    🎲 Gather Information: 6(3+3) vs 4/10 (Weak Hit)
  • 📖 There was no atmosphere, as in most of the rest of the ship. So Arden had less senses to work with, notably he couldn't try to hear unordinary around him. But luck had it, that he caught a glimpse of a small creature, skipping incredibly fast between the crates.
  • 📖 Arden grabbed his knife, that was magnetically attached to his suit. Carefully he cut some vines next to the door. The work was strenuous. It took considerable effort to cut through them and if the plants didn't see him as the enemy, now it will. But now he had some bait.
    🎲 Secure Advantage (+shadow): 4(2+2) vs 2/3 (Strong Hit)
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