Iron Stories: Forbidden Lands - Session 02

It had been three days since he met Hilda, the woman that invaded his home. He listened to her story, even though it sounded absurd to him, straight from the imagination of a young girl. What she didn't say was more interesting to him. Why would she choose this story and why would she act on it, escaping from her home?

The first session mostly was used to introduce both characters. I've reset the stats on Njord again. He would have had enough time to rest during that time. Not so eventful, but it could have taken a different turn.

To put things a bit into perspective, the current day is Óðinsdagr, 10th of Calor, 163 FL.

Njord saw something in her that he saw in himself. They did not belong anywhere.

The more he thought about her story, the more ridiculous it sounded. A powerful sorcerer was hiding treasures in small villages. Absurd. And yet, she sounded sincere. So he decided to go with her. He took the first opportunity that presented itself as an excuse to leave Uglaheim. She didn't sound happy about the prospect sharing the wealth. But she realised the advantage of not traveling alone. Even though the mist was no longer a threat, travelling alone was still very dangerous. Her battered attire was attesting that.

Since then he thought about his decision, asking himself if it was a good idea. He didn't know her and she could take the first opportunity to betray him. She looked very capable with a sword. He shook his head to dismiss these thoughts.

The sun rose and bathed the glade in front of his home into a warm orange light. Hilda was waiting and tapping her feet. She turned around as she heard the door creak closing behind Njord, staring at him as she fidgeted in place.

"Come on, let's not waste daylight!" Hilda moved from her spot in the direction of the village. She was eager to leave. Njord took a last look at his home. What would happen to it when he was away? Part of him wanted to stay, but deep down he knew he needed to go. Njord sighed and then joined Hilda.

The first watch of the day we will spend by traveling the lands. Njord is taking lead here. I say that Njord has a better sense of direction and can navigate better.

ğŸŽ² Njord - Survival

So many dice and not a single success. I guess, there will be a mishap. I rolled a 56 on the table in the Player's Handbook. This corresponds to Mosquito Swarm. I don't think that's a good fit here, but since they do Empathy damage, I interpret this as maybe a bit of homesickness or fear of the unknown since he leaves his home. Let's check the damage I take.

That is one damage.

Next we have Hilda, keeping watch.

ğŸŽ² Hilda - Scouting

At least I know now where all the sixes have gone. So nothing is going to ambush at least.

Soon they left the village behind them. Njord led them north-east. Convinced by Hilda, that this was the the direction the sorcerers had left. They followed the small river next to the village until it bend right. Turning away from their travel direction.

Njord remembered playing next to the river in his childhood. Part of him wanted to turn, like the river. Back to what he knew, even if it meant struggling with the villagers. They could start learn to respect him, like they did his master.

It was a mistake. I don't know what I'm doing.

Since I do not use the map from Forbidden Lands, I came up with my own procedure to generate a random hexmap. You can check it out with the link down below.

Hexcrawl Procedure

Hilda and Njord are marching in a north-east direction and there's only one unexplored hex here. I rolled a 55 on the d100 and this corresponds to another Plains.

Next we roll to see if we have an encounter on this watch. The Book of Beasts is instructing to draw a card from a deck. I can do something similar by rolling a d12 (12 being the Ace and then go down accordingly). This changes the probabilities a bit, but wathever. I rolled a 1 so we will have an encounter.

I use the tables from Book of Beasts for this one. It is 36 and according to the Plains table it is Forgotten God. I interpret this as they find a Rune Stone.

Distracted by his thoughts, Njord didn't realize Hilda had already pressed on. He saw her next to a strange stone slab, erected in the middle of the plains. Njord didn't remember it being here. To be fair though, he didn't left the village much.

Was this a sign. A literal stone in my path?

Scared he approach the strange stone. It was one and a half meter tall, half as that wide and almost a hand deep. The surface was smooth and without a crack or blemish on it. Intricate symbols carved on either side of the slab and filled with a shining metal.

As he stood next to it, he calmed down. The nervousness and doubt left his mind.

"Do you know what this is?" Njord looked at Hilda, standing next to him. She shrugged her shoulders.

"I was hoping you would know. It is right next to your village anyway."

Let's see if Njord can interpret the runes on the stone.

ğŸŽ² Njord - Lore

He has no clue.

Njord shook his head frustrated. He didn't even know what happened around him all these years, sheltered away in a small hut in the forest.

It's not an obstacle, it's a sign. Go out and explore. For far to long you have hidden from the world.

"You have seen more of them?"

"A few."

"Do you think, your sorceres left them behind."


Njord sighed. The only time she talked more, was about treasures. This wasn't that time.

He looked at the symbols carved in the material. Their intention were unknown to him. They looked like runes, but none like any he had seen. If only his master would be here. The sad feeling that had overcome him, suddenly washed away with a soothing wave of calmness. There was definitely something magical about this stone.

"Enough sightseeing." Hilda looked up to him. She grew restless again. Nothing this stone could do against, it seemed. Njord nodded.

There's enough time to think about this stone later.

Or so he hoped.