Solo23 - Weekly Recap: Week 24

Arden returns to Deadrock seeking answers. But he might get more than he bargained for.

  • πŸ“– Deadrock was in turmoil, more so than usual. Ardens arrival was noted, but did not have the impact he had hoped. There was murmuring and hush conversations when he arrived, much like the first time he landed here. The streets were filled with heavily armed guard. An unknown sight for Arden.
    "Hey you!" A guard shouted at Arden, rifle pointing at him. "Don't move."
  • πŸ“– They brought Arden to a large building, occupying a similarly sized cavern. It was the only building in it, opulently decorated, vastly contrasting the grey and black metal containers. A small plaza in front of the building completed the picture. Although not serving any purpose, except for some patroling guards, it gave the building an official disposition. They walked the short distance to the entrance, his escort nodding silently at the other guards as they approached. The guards closed up behind him and gestured Arden to enter the building.
  • πŸ“– The interior was as opulent as the outside, if not more. Arden thought the Arbitrators place was already pompous, but this was even excelling that. There were multiple busts of people Arden didn't recognize. If he were to guess, probably even the owner wouldn't know. 'Just for show', Arden thought. More guard were standing inside, guarding the precious objects it seemed, but more discretely dressed and armed. He was pointed to a small study at the end of the entrance hall to the right.
  • πŸ“– Grand Marshal Merrick Shelton, as he introduced himself, sat behind a massive mahogany table. His chair built to accomodate his equally massive bloated form. A fat finger pointed to a chair, comparably little to his, before grabbing a mug and taking a big swig. As he put the mug down, Arden catched a glimpse of a data pad right next to it.
    "So here we have the blasted outsider", Merrick proclaimed wheezingly, before Arden could sit down.
  • πŸ“– "A foreigner walks amongst us and suddenly one of my most loyal marshals plans a coup-d'Γ©tat against me. All nicely described." Merrick pushed the data-slate in Ardens direction. "It almost seems too unbelievable don't you think? But either the stranger is stupid enough to return to the scene of the crime or there is someone else behind it. Tell me, which of the two is it?"
  • "You are right, I'm a stranger here. As such I'm not privy into your politics, nor do I want to. My engine broke quite plain and simple and it needed repair. If you are accusing me of something, say it. I'm done with guessing games. Otherwise I'm on my way."
    🎲 Compel (+shadow): 6(4+2) vs 2/2 (Strong Hit with a Match)
  • πŸ“– Merrick muttered some incomprehensible words and took another swig from his mug, liquid dripping off his double chin.
    "What is it then that brings you here?"
    "You have an old friend of mine in custody. And I want to know why." Arden replied confidently.
    🎲 Gather Information (+wits): 4(1+3) vs 4/4 (Miss with a Match)
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