Solo23 - Weekly Recap: Week 16

With his assignment finally completed, Arden can return to Deadrock. New challenges await.

  • 📖 Karthik inspected the Cerelis closely.
    "You weren't kidding by saying the trip could be dangerous. The engine has definetely seen better days. Where are we heading?"
    "Deadrock." Arden was occupied with getting them off the planet. And he wasn't comfortable with Karthik on board. What if he was in league, with whatever people these 'scientists' were working with.
    He punched in the coordinates for the trip, always keeping his eyes on Karthik.
    🎲 Set a Course: 7(4+3) vs 9/6 (Weak Hit)
  • 📖 The engine was holding up for the most part. Some of the repairs were not as steady as hoped. Arden was surprised it even held for this long. He had some leftover salvaged parts of the Trithia Six and with the help of Karthik he could make the neccessary repairs. But to make it to Deadrock they had to recycle some of the non-essentials systems for more part. Which made the travel not easier.
    🎲 Suffer: -1 spirit, -1 supply
  • 📖 The air smelled as rancid as Arden remembered from his last visit. Even though he liked the freedom of the void more, he was happy to have some stable ground under his feet. He needed a stiff drink, good meal and final repairs for his ship. He might not like it, but he would be spending some time on Deadrock.
    His first order of business was to find that man again. He found his way to the same bar he has seen him last. Arden would get his stiff drink sooner rather than later.
  • 📖 Just as Arden ordered the first round of drinks, a muscular man stepped in front of the table he an Karthik were sitting. Arden recognized him as one of the two men that he saw before.
    "Come with me.", he ordered, but only looking at Arden.
    Guessing that he would not take 'no' for an answer, he stood up. The man took Arden to a familiar back door, opened it and gestured him to enter.
    Arden complied.
  • 📖 "The scapegoat returns." Without looking up, the man cut another bite from his steak and ate it. "The company is terrible here, but the food is excellent." He lifted his head and looked Arden in the eye.
    "I've heard you've had some complications during your travel. Your ship is being tended too. As for our deal..." He put the cutlery down on the table and stood up. Arden had the impression that he grew several inches the last time they met.
    "Karthik is essential to our plans. However they take some time to set in motion. Enjoy your stay in the meantime. I will keep in touch."
    "I don't even know your name", Arden replied.
    "People call me the Arbitrator."
  • 📖 When Arden returned to his seat, a plate with the same steak was already waiting for him. He didn't order it, but he had an idea who might have. Arden ate alone and undisturbed, quite unusual remembering his last visit. The Arbitrator was right, the food was good.
    His first stop was to return to the Cerelis to get some basic supply if he was to stay here longer. There were already some men examining his engine. Arden checked their dealing from afar before approaching them.
    "What is your business?"
    "Our business is the Arbitrator's business. He said to fix you and your ship up."
    "And what guarantee do I have you act on his behalf?"
    "Nobody crosses the Arbitrator or uses his name in vain. Let that be guarantee enough."
  • 📖 Arden didn't argue. It was futile to stand against these men. He was short-handed and they would return afterwards anway. There weren't any valuables on board that he would care about, except Pandora. Even though it seemed odd to take the glowcat with him, she didn't mind. She blended into the crowd and people didn't seem to notice her at all, or didn't wan't to.
    His first order of business was to get replacement of lost supplies. They were limited. There was not much trade with the outside world. What he couldn't buy, he would tinker together later from other bought or scavenged parts.
    🎲 Resupply (+wits): 9(6+3) vs 1/9 (Weak Hit)
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