Solo23 - Weekly Recap: Week 05

Things are heating up. Policits. Mystery Men. Shady deals in backrooms of bars. Check, Check and Check.

  • 📖 A man shambled his way to Ardens table. The breath arrived first, then the man sat down next to him. Arden couldn't determine if his pale complexion was due to a lack of sunlight or the intoxication.
    "Outsider!", the slurred speak made it hard to understand. "Are you here to continue Wraiths murder spree?"
    Word travelled fast.
  • 📖 The man proved to be more generous with information once Arden paid for more of his drinks. A series of unexplainable deaths plagued Deadrock. The one, where Cole was apprehended, was the latest. And someone with influence in the settlement. Politics was the last thing Arden needed right now.
  • 📖 "Akim, you've said enough, don't you think?" The conversation was cut short by a deep harsh, but calm voice. It belonged to a muscular man in tight-fitting clothes, short ashen hair and dark skin. One of his arms was replaced with an intricate robotic prosthesis. The other gripped the shoulder of Akim. He flinched, quickly twisted himself free and vacated his seat.
    "It is time our guest and me had a serious talk."
  • 📖 He gestured Arden to stand up and follow him. From the corner of his eyes Arden could see two more men, equally as muscular, keeping him in sight. He didn't think there was much choice. Arden followed the mysterious man into a side room, followed by the two others. The noise from the bar disappeared as they closed the door behind him. In the room was a single round table with two seats. The man took one of the seats, the two others stayed in front of the door.
    "I have a proposal for you.", the man began.
  • 📖 "I want Cole out of prison as much as you. Unfortunately I need someone to complete the job he was meant to do first."
    "Why me?"
    "You have a ship. And to be honest, if something should go wrong, I have a scapegoat.""Do I have a choice in the matter?"
  • 📖 Arden left the back room with clear instructions. Find Karthik Farin and bring him back to the man. In exchange he would help get Cole out of prison. After a nights' sleep, Arden returned to his ship and departed to the last known location of Karthik - Port Vega.
    🎲 Undertake an Expedition (Dangerous) - Travel to Port Vega
  • 📖 As Arden engaged the FTL, he worried what would happen once he has found Karthik. Maybe this was a bad idea. Did he just put his quest above someone else?
    He couldn't dwell further on these thoughts. The path to Port Vega was difficult. No known passage was connecting his destination to his current position, so he needed to stay vigilant as he entered subspace.
    🎲 Undertake an Expedition (+wits): 6(3+3) vs 4/3 (Strong Hit)

So I'm wrapping up some of the rolls we had last week. The Miss on Swear an Iron Vow needs an obstacle. I probably can't do anything until Arden has at least some leverage within the community. Otherwise he would be seen always as the outsider in relation to a murderer. The Weak Hit on Gather Information is similar. Yes, I got some information out of Akim, but it turns out that there might be more and it has some politics attached to it. So all leads to this shady job, it is not really a new Vow just something I need to do to actually start my initial vow.

Two things though I seem to have forgotten (or misplayed maybe). Voidborn should have reduced my Momentum by 1 when I landed on Deadrock. Since I gained a Momentum from Gather Information they cancel each other out so I should be fine. I always forget these "passive" effects on Assets. Things that modify your roll you can check when you roll but when you have to think about mechanical effects while just going around the world, it gets though to remember these. I like them as flavor for the character, but them having passive mechanical effects I'm not so much a fan of.

Then there's Pandora my Glowcat. Seem to have forgotten her as well. Again, didn't really mattered in the end and I think I can weave it into the story why she wasn't there.

When I started this, I imagined that every day I would end with a roll, then had a day to think about it and then write an answer to the roll. Didn't exactly turned out like that. I still think it is okay. You shouldn't roll just dice all the time only when it makes sense and there's an actual risk to it.

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