Solo23 - Weekly Recap: Week 42

Captain Juro "Blackbird" Sato recounts here side of how her ship got stranded.

  • 📖 The Gordian Territoy were treacherous and the drifts could become unpredictable occasionally, spitting you out at unexpected places. Navigation was hard, but Captain Jura "Blackbird" Sato was adamant in keeping her crew of 20 souls alive.
  • 📖 It was a bog-standard assignment of transporting some goods from one place to another. Their destinations was in the Territory, but Sato and her crew were experienced enough to navigate them. That was maybe why they got the job in the first place.
  • 📖 The shipment was quickly loaded on board. 20 crates exactly. The contents she didn't know and for most of the time she didn't care. The papers were in order and that was what counted in her eyes.
  • 📖 A cargo ship that is loaded has considerable downtime when it comes to recharging the engines. They were well equipped to fend off smaller vessels during these times, bigger ships not so much. It was during one of such downtimes, they were near a planet and to improve morale, Sato allowed her crew some time on the ground.
  • 📖 Scans revealed a lush vegetation on the planet, although there was little atmosphere. It made space suits mandatory and under the local gravity they were a hindrance. But the crew enjoyed themselves. Mostly because there was the possibility of eating something different this evening. Their hunter instinct was triggered.
  • 📖 And so they returned with a handful of animals, some of them still alive. "In case we need another snack later.", she could still recall the quip they used.
    "Fine. You take care of it and it better not interfere with your work. What does it even eat?" One of the crew promptly held up a plant.
  • 📖 That evening they ate some real meat since a long time. It wasn't the best, but it sure beat the nutrition paste they normally had. They put the plant into their sleeping quarters and found an empty cargo container for the livestock in the cargo bay. The foreign flora and fauna didn't seem to mind the different biosphere.
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