Solo23 - Weekly Recap: Week 03

As predicted, the sector finished up in this week and I could start with the story.

It turns out that my Sector is pretty shady overall. There's little to no authority and everybody is involved in some sort of illegal stuff. Seems appropriate for a setting that deals with humanity being scattered over a vast territory. I also have some ideas about how I want to start and what Arden's initial quest might be.

I was also not strictly adhering to the "setup" process as described in the book for the sector. I hope that this isn't a problem down the line.

  • Deep under thick ice, lies Deadrock. Superficial scans wouldn't detect the massive underground facility. Ideal for its shady operations. For money you can have anything and the authorities look the other way.
  • Cole Hammond (Local Connection): Despite his age - nearly reaching 70 - Cole Hammond still is imposing. Muscles define his upper body, paired with countless scars to tell a story. He mostly hides them behind large coats and his white short beard, only to surprise his enemies should they underestimate him. People attest it to his old age, Cole can appear quite defiant to the new ways. But those more familiar with him, know that he does things with a specific purpose in mind. His defiancy just is another manifestation of that. What exactly his plans are, he only shares with those he trusts the most.
  • For countless years Cole worked as Runner, carrying important messages through the drift network. He had the remarkable talent to sneak around blockades or authorities mostly undetected. This earned him the moniker "Wraith". He became thought after to deliver delicate messages to far reaches of the Forge. Rumored to hold the record on how deep he ventured into the Forge, almost reaching the core. Reaching the peak of his career, he "retired" on Deadrock for unknown reasons.
  • Finishing up on the sector. Drawing passages and giving it a name. There's a lot of shady stuff going on in this sector I have to say. F596J45 Sector Map
  • Devil's Verge is in turmoil. Recent developments attracted interest of foreign powers. Recent power voids have been filled, that are now threatening to overthrow the stability of the sector.
  • 📖 The ship's drive groaned as it left subspace and engaged sublight engines, to bring the Cerelis Nine safely into orbit of the nearby planet. A desolate place, covered in thick sheets of ice, bisected by large canyons. 'No Docking Link found!', exclaimed the ship's computer. But Arden knew better what lay beneath and instructed the ship to approach the largest canyon. The computer complied and the ship began to descend.
  • 📖 It soon approached a large metal gate embeded into the side of the canyon. The ice around it cracked and creaked as it opened. Slowly Arden steered the ship to one of the landing platforms inside the large cavern. He reached his destination: Deadrock.

So I started with a prologue: Arden is arriving in the sector and is driven directly to the (potentially) biggest settlement. I've also rolled for a settlement trouble but I did not reveal it yet. It will come up in the prologue.

I think I will also keep to some sort of structure and use 📖 to denote any narrative text and 🎲 for the mechanics (none yet, but soon there will be some I guess).

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