Solo23 - Weekly Recap: Week 01

In the first week I focused on character creation.

I was late to the party - I found out about #dungeon23 only on January 1st. So I bought myself a bit of time and started with character creation instead of diving directly into actual play. However as it is stated in the Rulebook: Prep is Play.

  • I'm lazy and roll for my paths. Interstellar Scout (40). My starting Paths will be: EXPLORER and VOIDBORN.
  • Backstory Time! I was born deep within the Forge in the Void as my parents were exploring it. For unknown reasons though, I was separated from them at very young age and have not seen my parents ever since. Nor do I have any memory of them.
  • I vow to uncover the secrets of the Core, the mysterious center of the Forge. I feel a strange connection to it, but don't know why.
  • I met with a guild of navigators today. After some discussion and haggling, they gifted me a ship: "Cerelis Nine". They were intrigued by my vow and only demanded a detailed map of my travels in return. Little did I know, that they maybe wanted to get rid of that ship. After inspecting the ships' navigation log, I found a bunch of coordinates that don't exist. Or don't exist anymore?
  • This new ship is full of surprises. Today I found a stowaway cat, hidden behind some boxes in the cargo hold. She was famished so I gave her some of my rations. As I curiously inspected her, her fur changed color. I was surprised. And that changed her fur color again. Curious cat. She seemed to like me though and decided to follow me. After all: It is dangerous to go alone! I decided to call her "Pandora". She seemed to react to peoples emotion which I thought would fit that name. That might also turn out helpful.
  • Life in the Forge is not easy. I learned that being careful and thinking before acting increases your chances of survival. Brain before brawn (Wits 3 / Iron 1). And sometimes it is better not to be seen at all (Shadow 2). For most, I can feel distant and cold at times (Heart 1). I always felt more comfortable being alone. The quicker I could get away the better (Edge 2).
  • Finishing up my Character. Meet Arden Quinn (he/him).

In the first few days I was a bit more mechanical in my descriptions. As time got on I tried to describe the character creation a bit more in-character (sort of inner monologue). I think it's a nice exercise in general. Character Creation is actually formulating an existing person (be it fictional) in the mechanical framework of the roleplaying system itself. It is sort of like filling out a form at the doctors. You already know who you are, but you need to fill in that information into a form so that others can gauge that more easily.

For those wondering, Pandora is actually the GLOWCAT companion asset.

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