There is this old saying: "Have you tried turning it off and on again". Sometimes a reboot is helping to find a new perspective.

I've decided to restart my blog and/or website. Gone are the old articles. I still have them lying around if I want to repost them, but I feel they do not reflect anymore what I wanted to do with this.

I'm still painting miniatures, but I outsourced my work to platforms that are more suited for that. I'm neither the best or fastest painter, so creating a blogpost just for that every month seemed a bit redundant and boring.

I want to focus more on telling stories. As projects come and go, I wanted to give them a proper space and visibility on my page. That is why I created separate pages for my projects with little introduction and pointers to interesting stuff. It is empty right now, but I hope to fill it up over time.

In my spare time I still enjoy playing board games, be it alone or with others. But I think when it comes to review and opinions others are probably more suited to voice it.