RPG Design - Chapter 2: Research

The next step includes gathering information. I keep a notebook ready and have noted down various ideas and snippets over a few months now. The more I browse around I find more and more interesting stuff and I'm almost loosing focus because everything sounds so interesting.

Having a somewhat guided approach to this shouldn't be that bad. Especially when it comes to researching what matters. Here is where a bit oppose the content of the research as proposed. Yes on one hand it is good to keep some references around for the themes you want to incorporate, and it certainly showed maybe some shortcomings about my choices. But I also feel, that looking around what systems are out there and how certain problems (when it comes to the themes or mechanics) have been solved is as important.

Especially when it comes to this different mechanical differences it makes a good starting point for components you can later try out and change by having a catalogue ready of such systems.

This probably will be mostly a link list that I might update from time to time.


Everything relating to how investigations are done and how to shape them to make an interesting story.


Everything relating to artefacts in human history (and fiction)


Everything one needs to know how to run a bureaucratic clandestine secret organization


Everything relating on operating with a small team without special privileges

Systems and Inspirations

RPG systems and supplements with interesting mechanics