Month in Painting: April 2020

by Tobias Heinzen , , ,

It seems like I hit a bit of a slump when it comes to painting. April wasn't again as productive as other months. I could blame it on not having the right supplies - my stock on brushes and certain colors get smaller. But realistically I just had other thing on my mind and to do.

To start things off, I wanted to share a picture of some of the process of my painting. Especially for the Crisis Battlesuits I did multiple sub assemblies. This means that I did not glue all pieces together and painted it in one piece, but rather in multiple pieces. This makes it easier to reach certain areas and to paint it more consistently. The head for example. There are multiple pieces that would obstruct it, so it is better to glue it last.

And so I finished the last remaining Battlesuits. I changed on how I painted the suits along the way, so there are three different "types" of suits. The one on the left - the second I painted - has a bit more subtle edge highlight, whereas the middle one, is far to exagerated. The one on the right, is where I want it to be. Not to subtle and not to bright.

And as always, to bring things to an end. Some Zombies from Zombicide Invader. This time it is the big boy himself. And he brought a friend. I should have maybe taken a bit more time to highlight his skin, but I think it is somewhat consistent with the other zombies so I didn't bother too much. I did a simple Zenithal Prime, so to give it a bit more depth. I've also choosen to deviate a bit from the cover art, and paint his crystals in green, just because I wanted to have a different color to break the monotony that is the various shades of red.