Month in Painting: March 2020

by Tobias Heinzen , , ,

With the current global state, one would think there would be a lot of free time to paint. I wasn't able to finish what I had planned for march and spent a little bit more time in "building mode" so the yield looks a bit small for march.

Not exactly fully painted in march, but I wanted to show some detailed pictures of the T'au Drones, that can be seen behind the T'au Ethereal. The tops are magnetized, as are the bottom pieces on one side. This allows me to swap around the drones on what I need the most. I also finished painting all the shield drone bits and started on the gun drone bits. There are still some bits to go, so it will keep me busy probably in April as well.

I then built my first battlesuit for the T'au. It was a fun built. I also magnetized them fully, so I can swap around the weapons (and boy are there a lot of weapons). To increase the bits count, I also got myself some additional weapons (that do not normally come with the kit). Does priming them also count to my painting quota? I then did go over and painted one of the suits (sort of like a testing model). I often do that, if I have an "army" to paint so I can test out the color schemes and such. I think I did go a bit overboard the highlighting - I tried out "corner" highlighting. My impression is, that the highlight is a bit to bright and goes a bit into the pink. Which is interesting, because I only mixed orange into the base color to get the highlight color.

For my next model I tried out a bit of a different approach and I have to finish it, together with the last of the 3 suits in the box. I've built them - there was quite and extended bbuilding time during march, to get all the suits built and then magnetized as well.

As always, to get a bit of a distance, I went back to my Zombicide: Invader box and painted some more aliens. This time it was the Hunters. With that I have now painted all the "base" Zombies from the core box. Unfortunately for me, there's still a lot to go through. I think I also exhausted my supply for basing the miniatures, which in these time now gets harder to refill.

While painting, I thought, that they didn't quite made an effort on these sculpts to be different. It is basically the same pose, just a slightly different stone they put they're feet on and they switched the arms. I didn't use that many colors on those, and it seems there are a bit less details. Looking back at the Black Plague minis, the runners in that box, also weren't that different in poses.