Month in Painting: February 2020

by Tobias Heinzen , , ,

To start things of in February, I painted some more Zombicide: Invader. I needed a bit of a break from painting Warhammer and there's still plenty of zombies to paint. I used similar techniques as already outlined in my previous post. The tanks have some interesting detail that I "highlighted" with some bright colors (namely Green and Yellow). First I was not sure and my test-model didn't look so great. But after doing all of them, they kind of look nice and they fit nicely together with my already painted workers.

Next up, I had to finish the work I started last month and finish the Primaris Invictor Warsuit. Looking back, some of the pieces are a bit rushed and I could do them probably better. The nice thing about the model is, as already stated, that I learned a bit on how to magnetize such a model. There are quite some bits and pieces that you can change now. I also magnetized the base, so that I can store the model a bit better. While I was at it, I also did some custom basing (in order to hide the magnets a bit).

That is one more box done from the pile of shame.

Speaking of magnetizing. I put what I had learned to use and managed to build and paint the T'au Ethereal. This model comes with an optional drone, where the model can stand on. I magnetized the model, so that I can put the Ethereal with or without the drone onto the base. There were some caveats while doing so however. The way the Ethereal is standing on the base is different than with the Hover drone. I used two magnets for the feet and two for the drone part (some sort of cloth or flag underneath it). However the distances are different so I had to drill 3 holes into the base in an L-shape so I can put the model onto the base how I wanted it.