Month in Painting: January 2020

by Tobias Heinzen , ,

As a new year resolution I promised myself to paint more and reduce that pile of shame - all of the unpainted boxes of models. My pile consists mostly of Warhammer 40k and Zombicide stuff, both of which I want also to bring to the table and actually play. January was productive and I was able to get rid of one box (while adding another to the list). A good start.

The start, and what kept me busy the longest, was a box of Advance Team Starpulse. Originally I bought it to play Kill Team - which Starter Box also sits around somewhere. Technically it is equivalent to a box of Fire Warriors so nothing special there in the end.

I had them built a long time ago and I started painting one of the drones, but then did not continue. So I unpacked them again and started painting them. At the same time I did also learn on how to "correct" some mistakes I did when building them. I built 3 of them with Pule Carbines so I had to take a knife and cut away that arm and glue on a Pulse Rifle (the better choice - I didn't knew it better back then).

I also took more time in basing the models. This also helped me to differentiate between units. The drone with a base was the one I did before and it has a bit of a different white. Here is what the finished product looks like, put into scene with some terrain from the Kill Team Starter Box.

The next model I started was an impulse buy, while buying some painting supplies in January. I long wanted to paint a bit of a bigger model and when I saw the Invictor Tactial Warsuit I had to get it. I will probably never play with it but it looks so cool.

It at least gave me some practice on magnetizing a model, which I had never done before. I built the whole model in Januar and began painting it. I was only able to finish the torso and arms in January, but I hope to complete it in February.

I also tried out some basing techniques on a potential objective marker. I will use some of the techniques to build a custom base for the Warsuit to put onto display.

So that concludes January. My plans for February: More Zombicide: Invader - I want to get at least the core game onto the table soon, finishing the Warsuit and painting some more Tau Tactical drones.