Zombicide Invader: Workers

by Tobias Heinzen , ,

In mid-october I received my Zombicide: Invader pledge from kickstarter. It took me about 100+ hours to paint all the 43 workers included. I'm not the fastest painter and it took me some time to settle on a color scheme and techniques I want to use to paint these. About mid-december I was finished. This is how I did it, in case you need some inspiration to do yours.

I prepped the minis by giving them a good wash with soapy water to get rid of potential residues left on the minis from the production. I then primed them in Vallejo Grey Primer (70.601). This will cover most of the base coloring I need to do on the minis. Together with the wash I will apply later, this will result in a color somewhat close to the artwork.

The first step was to glaze Vallejo Rosy Flesh (72.100) on the arms, about halfway through. I did about 3 layers each time going a bit less far on the arms, thus creating a smooth transition from the grey to the rosy color.

An easy step is following: Painting the skull with Vallejo Bonewhite (72.034).

This was the first step that took a bit longer. The tentacles around the head were painted with Vallejo Tan (72.066). On the models on varying spots there are dimples where I also put in a bit of the color.

Then I painted the bases with Vallejo Hull Red (70.985). The paint job doesn't have to be to tidy (as you will see a bit on the picture, you can still see some of the brush strokes). We will cover them later on with some texture paints and it will work out. Lastly I gave them a wash of Citadel Shade: Agrax Earthshade, but thinned 1:1 with Glaze Medium.

For the next few steps I did not take pictures. I did not do much, but it certainly took the longest to finish. I did go over all minis again with Tan and painted the small pustules on them. Then I highlighted with Rosy Flesh the outer ring of the dimples and the pustules on the tentacles. Last but not least I painted the teeth in the mouth with Vallejo White Primer (70.600).

Next up I put Citadel Texture: Martian Ironcrust and Citadel Texture: Martian Ironearth onto the base and let it dry. These paints crack up and thus will reveal the underlying color. This is why I painted the bases first with a dark red color. I then washed them with Citadel Shade: Seraphim Sepia. Then there is two dry brushes on top of that with Vallejo Heavy Orange (72.152) and Vallejo Basic Skin Tone (70.815).

Then I painted the rim of the base with Vallejo Black Primer (70.602)

These are the finished workers. I took a picture for every sculpt (including kickstarter exclusive).