Tabletop Tokens - Review

by Tobias Heinzen ,

The last to back on kickstarter in 2018 and the first to arrive. One day I had a nice little present in my mail: Tabletop Tokens.

They come in these resealable little bags. There is just one problem I have with them. The punchboards inside are bigger than the opening, so you have to bend them in order to get them out. Similarly its hard to get the whole punchboard back into the bag. So I suggest to pop out all tokens and just put them into the bag. Then it works fine.

In each of the little bags are some punchboards. They are shrink-wrapped which I would have omitted. It feels a little bit unecessary and just adds waste. I expected the boards (and thus the tokens) to be a bit thicker and feel more plasticy. The thickness is like a thicker piece of paper, but the surface feel like rough plastic. They also have a matt finish.

This particular set of tokens has a bit too many trees in it. There's only 4 tree stumps in total. Fortunately I have some other sets, where there are some more tree stumps, so its okay. You get exactly what is printed on the back. So if you see them at your local game store you can choose what you need.

Punching them out from the board takes a bit of time. They mostly come out very well except for two or three points were you have to wiggle them in the board before you can get them out. But all in all, they get out easily and even with that little bit of force, they do not bend.

Some of the tokens have different art on the back. Not all sets do, but again on the backside of the bag you can see which one do and how they look.

I put one of them on my battle map to see how they look like. The thick black border is nice, so it pops out from the map. The saturation of the green of course doesn't match, but its okay. I even like it better, so every player can see what are obstacles on the map. But even with the mismatched color it still looks good.

The kickstarter also came with 4 free punchboards. Again, more trees! There are also some monster tokens. I think they announced in a kickstarter update that they want to collaborate with Printable Heroes. I don't know if I want to back those. I'd rather have my minis, even though it takes me some time.

The tokens are definitively a step up from what I had before. I printed the same art as the tokens (the awesome 2minutetabletop art) on paper and laminated them. I also put them on a grid, so you still had that information as a player. This led to not so good looking tiles on the battlemap. But this is now a thing of the past.

Now I have to plan some adventures where I can use them.